Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let's get it started
The last couple of years have brought us some outstanding drama and excitement, and there is no reason for this drift to stop. The most important event from Game 7 till today was the awesome generation of NCAA stars getting picked on this year’s NBA Draft. In addition to the scoring boost, the competition on the both coasts and the dress code, we have the legitimate reason to expect the ultimate basketball year, ever. Here are few more decent reasons:
- Everyone is interested in Lebron’s future. - San Antonio is perhaps the best champ going after the back-to-back after Russell’s Celtics. - Ali G is TNT’s new analyst . - Phil Jackson is re-joining Kobe. Along came the Pip and Kareem. - Artest is waiting for the next fan to throw something at him. - Miami put the odds against them, now they must step up and prove I’m wrong. - Gasol now has a beard. - Divac goes in the books. - No Alan Houston, no Reggie Miller, no Steve Smith.. and who’s going to shoot the threes?. - Jaske and Macijauskas went pro. - I forgot about the rap masterpiece of the True Warrior Artest. Nigga fuckin’ ass biatch. - The dress code itself and Iverson wearing suits. - McMilan’s additional dress code on the court for Darius Miles and co. - Baron Davis is in a shape that man gets into once in a lifetime. T-Mac too. Surprising MVP race? - These Rockets remind me of Hakeem’s era. - Atlanta’s slam dunk squad will get the ‘play of the day’ title every single day. - 4 members of the Tar Heels that won the NCAA Tournament last season got picked in the first round. The fifth one entered the League undrafted. - The Hornets moved to Oklahoma. Any chances for recovery?! - The first pick is white un-American. - I want to check out the Indiana’s brand new uniforms as well as Sactown’s gold. - Mutombo and Willis are still running the show. - Jay Williams could return from that horror that he went through. - Julius Hodge and Tony Allen are accused on sexual assault. No chances for playing if you are sent in prison boys. - I am interested how long will Bob Weiss last on the Sonics’ bench. - RIP Jason Collier. But what will happen to Eddy Curry?! - THE DARK-O SIDE MUST GET INVOLVED!!!


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