Friday, September 09, 2005

Кате ги разбуди милионерите 2
Можеби најважниот (барем медиумски) дел од помошта која НБА ѕвездите се решени да им ја дадат на најсериозно погодените од ураганот Катрина (како можат на нешто таква уништувачко да му дадат убаво женско име?) ќе се одржи во недела во Хјустон каде со цел да соберат што е можно повеќе средства ќе се соберат некои од најголемите НБА имиња (списокот е подоле). Покрај своето учество на хуманитарниот меч, Леброн пред два дена купил храна, играчки и пелени во вредност од 120 000 долари кои им ги доставил на избеглиците кои се наоѓаат во близината на Хјустон. Ова се дел од изјавите кои на пресот по повод мечот ги дадоа организаторот Кени Смит и Коби, Бузер и Амаре. Карлос Бузер: - "Obviously, all the stories were very devastating. The one that hit home to me was a few days ago on TV where they were giving toys to a 7-year-old kid, and he was saying, 'These aren't my toys, you're not my Mom.' He lost his mom and dad and both of his brothers. Imagine losing your entire family at the age of 7. I wanted to be involved as much as I can be.". Кени Смит: - "One thing that I saw was that it could have been any town, didn't have to be New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama. Talking to my father, that could've been Brooklyn, Queens, anywhere." Амаре Стадемаер: "For us, this is about raising their confidence (the evacuees). They're feeling real bad about themselves right now. So we can give them confidence, keep them focused, give them hope to want to stay alive. They gotta realize how blessed they were to make it out of that situation. They lost family, but they are the chosen ones that made it out of that situation." Коби Брајант: - "Myself, just like everybody, I felt the need to contribute in some form or fashion. Being that we've been blessed to play the game of basketball, this is a great opportunity for us to use our God-given potential for the benefit of mankind." - "We'll try to let them know that they are cared for. It seems like, especially if you listen to them talk on TV or interviews, it seems as if on top of all the emotional devastation, they are on an island by themselves, in a sense. We as Americans, we rally around our people when there's devastation. Us going down there is part of that, it's us letting them know we will be there to care for them when they fall." - "It's us using our God-given potential for something positive. It's not about over-dramatizing what everybody's been doing (the NBA players). This shouldn't be a big deal, this is something that we should do, personally. We're just doing what we feel like we should do." LeBron James Kobe Bryant Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady Jermaine O'Neal Stephon Marbury Dwyane Wade Amare Stoudemire Antonio McDyess Steve Francis Sam Cassell Ron Artest Chauncey Billups Al Harrington Damon Jones Tyronn Lue J.R. Smith Maurice Taylor Cuttino Mobley Josh Smith Stromile Swift Dahntay Jones Mike James Lindsey Hunter Derek Anderson Carlos Boozer


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